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If you believe rats should not be killed but released far away from your property, then you should use a Humane Mouse Trap DIY. You can find various kinds of rat poisons and mouse glue mouse traps available on the market. But these are not an environment-friendly solution to eradicate rats. Most of these are inhumane and involve a painful death. So if you are willing to avoid killing rats, then you should purchase a humane rat trap to minimize mice establishing. In this article, I will provide you all the following information about humane traps and you can easily do it yourself.

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Top 5 Diy humane rodent traps comparison table

What is the most humane way to kill rats and mice?

Rat infestation can be a health hazard to your family. You have to eliminate them as soon as possible from your home. But killing a rat with rat poisons or sticky traps for mice can never be humane. Rodents suffer a lot before death as these products don’t kill rats instantly. You can use a Victor electronic mouse trap or a humane rat trap to kill them in a sympathetic way.

Humane Mouse Trap

Many people use toxic rat terminators that contain harmful chemical poisons and glue. These are not environment-friendly and safe to place around kids. So using a humane mouse trap DIY is the best way to keep your family, pets, and the environment safe. So you have two different options to stop pest infestation in your building. I have listed some products that can kill rats humanely without giving them any weakness, vomiting, internal bleeding, and pain.

The advantage of using humane traps

  1. Humane rat traps don’t contain any harmful, poisonous chemicals.  These poisonous chemicals are dangerous to kids and pets. So trapping can be a safer option to eliminate rats and mice.
  2. If you are facing a small rat infestation, humane pest traps provide a quick solution.
  3. The trap is easily accessible and easier to clean. You can easily dispose of the live rats into the wild. You don’t need to touch the poison bait blocks.
  4. You don’t have to deal with any bad odor. Also, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  5. You can do it yourself. It is less expensive and environmentally friendly.

Top 5 best humane mouse trap (Diy) reviews:

I have listed some effective traps so that you can take a closer look at the 5 most popular humane trap solutions to deal with a rodent infestation. Let’s check the details.

1. Havahart humane cage rat trap

The Havahart humane rodent trap is specially designed to capture multiple rodents such as squirrels, Norway rats, mice, and chipmunks. You can use peanut butter, corns, bacon, apple slices, or sunflower seeds as a bait. When a mouse trip the ultra-sensitive trigger, the gravity action gate drops behind. Then you can hold the cage and open the door to release them alive without touching them. So you won’t come in contact with these captured rodents inside.


  1. Humane way for catching rats and mice. Havarat Diy humane mouse traps prevent injuries to rodents.
  2. Its flattened internal edges protect mice from pain and damage.
  3. The trap is dust-resistant and corrosion-free. You can place it anywhere.
  4. Poison free and completely safe to place around pets and kids.
  5. Less expensive and user-friendly. You can easily discharge the rodent without touching it.

2. Live capture mouse Trap

The trap is engineered to capture many rats at the same time. The trap is reusable and easy to clean. Large design helps prevent injuries to you and minimize the risk of bite from mouse-human contact. The trap is non-poisonous, non-lethal, and totally safe for pets.



  1. This humane rodent trap comes with a large handle design that reduces close contact.
  2. It has a safety lock that ensures its security and effectiveness.
  3. The trap is strong and durable.
  4. It can be placed inside or outside.
  5. Rock Bird captures multiple rats and mice at a time.

3. Goodnature a24 Automatic Humane Rat and Mouse trap for outdoor

If you are one of those people who want to kill rodents instantly without giving them any pain, then this is the trap you are searching for. Goodnature a24 DIY humane electronic mouse trap emits CO2 power shot to kill rodents.  After a kill, it can automatically reset itself. The CO2 Canister can kill up to 25 mice and rats won’t suffocate a lot before their death. You can replace the canister again to reuse the machine. It can be used in all weather conditions, both indoors and outdoors.


  1. This is a very humane way of killing rats
  2. Reusable and pet-friendly mousetrap
  3. It can restart automatically after every kill
  4. Durable and water-resistant.
  5. You can use the trap outside of the house.
  6. This humane electric rat trap doesn’t contain any poison or glue.
  7. One set of batteries can eliminate up to 25 rodents.

4. CAPTSURE: Best mouse trap for home

This trap is an ideal choice for animal lovers. It is an upgraded version that has thousands of positive reviews. The traps are very easy to set and safe to use around children. Its catch and release system causes no pain. The smart structural pattern ensures no physical contact with rats while dispatching them.


  1. Captsure Diy live capture humane mouse trap DIY is easy to set and clean.
  2. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or glue.
  3. This humane rodent trap is completely safe and secure around pets and dogs.
  4. Budget-friendly solution to minimize rat infestation.
  5. Best mouse trap for home.

5. Teal Elite Rat Zapper – Electric Rodent Killer –

If you have problems with rodents in your home, the Teal Elite Rat Zapper can help. This electric rodent killer is easy to use, just plug it in and let it do its job. The Teal Elite Rat Zapper will kill rats, mice, and other rodents quickly and humanely. It is also safe to use around children and pets.


  1. Electronic rat zapper allows dual operation mode
  2. Powerful electric shock kills mice instantly in a humane way.
  3. The trap is easy to clean and use.
  4. You can dispose of the rodents without touching them.

How to set a humane rat trap?

Setting and cleaning up a humane mouse killer is very easy.  You have to follow some simple steps to catch the rodents. You can find all these humane mouse traps on Amazon and Walmart. Just remove the trap from the packaging and follow my instruction to set it.

  1. Attach the bait on the trap. I recommend you to place several traps in different locations.
  2. Place the trap in high infestation areas. Try to place them touching the wall because rats run near the wall to avoid detection.
  3. When a rat or a mouse bites the bait, it stuck and can’t escape from the trap. Then the rodent needs to be released far away from your home. Try to release them 500m away, otherwise, these rats would return again.


Humane rat trap helps you to deal with the rat problem without harming them.  It allows you to catch and release them in nature. Again, if you want to kill them humanely, you can use AbcoTech and GoodNature humane electronic rodent traps. It eradicates rats instantly so they won’t suffocate before being killed. So eradicating rats effectively and efficiently, the humane mouse trap DIY is the best way to exterminate these harmful rodents from your property.

FAQ related to humane traps

Does the humane rat trap really work?

Rats prefer to live next to people to find food and shelter. Setting up a trap is the only solution for those who want to release or kill rodents humanely. For better results, try to set 2-3 traps at a time. The trap is not suitable for Norway rats as they can escape from the trap. Electric rat traps are more effective in that case. It works perfectly in small rat infestation areas like the attic, kitchen, storeroom, and yard. The trap is 100% safe and poison-free. So you can place it anywhere.

How does humane mouse trap work?

Humane rodent traps catch rats without any unnecessary suffering. You need to attach an attractive bait like peanuts on the trigger weight. Then the trap is being placed against the wall. When a rat comes nearby and enters the trap, the spring door will close shut. It can’t escape from the trap and the trap’s ventilation system keeps them alive. Dispatching the rodents is an easy task. You need to lift the trap and open the door to release them far away from your home. So humane mouse trap Diy is an Eco-friendly, safe, inexpensive humane solution to get rid of these rodents.

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