About Us

Hi. My name is Ronald W Hart, a pest control expert.  I have 5 years of experience reviewing different kinds of products according to customer ratings and reviews. I created this website so that you can minimize your cost and solve rodent problems by yourself. You don’t need to spend 300/400 dollars for pest control service. Just choose our top listed effective rat control products that cost you not more than 100 dollars. I reviewed all the products based on-

1.         Customer experience and rating.

2.         Collect data from former exterminators.

3.         Take advice from professional pest control experts.

4.         Certified chemical experts and veterinarians.

5.         Analyze the requirements of customers who want to control rat infestation.

If you still need any advice or want to ask any questions, then feel free to contact me. I will knock you as soon as possible. You can connect with me via Facebook and Instagram.

Email: techlabpro2020@yahoo.com, shawrov555@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ratpoisons

Address: 10 Rutgers Street, Manhattan, New York-10002