Best Rat Poison Reviews

If there are visible signs of rats or mice in your homes or commercial spaces, you can eradicate them in one night by using the best rat poison to get the situation under control. Many cities and villages are infested with rats, causing some fatal health problems. Rats are well-known carriers of diseases and it hurts thousands of people every year.  So the safety of your family members depends on you because rats have been implicated in the spread of various 45 diseases.

Rat Poison

They can contaminate their urine and pooping into your food sources. Rats are able to chew almost everything like soft concrete, plastic, electric wires, paper, documents, aluminum, etc. In the case of chewed wire, this can be a serious fire hazard.

The advantage of using rat poison than a mousetrap

But rat poison doesn’t kill rats or Norway rats instantly. After taking a bite of the poison, they go far away from your home. It takes 1-3 days to kill a rat. So avoid mousetrap and use the best rat killer to kill them, especially when dealing with rodents that may be spreading harmful diseases. You can check the comparison between mouse poison and traps and decide what to buy.

How to solve the rat problems in your house?

You can follow these easy steps to get rid of mice infestation.

  1. Grab a rat poison packet from our top 10 best-rated mouse poison list
  2. Identify the location of rat-infested areas
  3. Put the poison and wait 1-3 days.

Don’t spend lots of money on the pest control contractor as they might charge you $300 per service call. Poisons are easy to use and an effective method of rat control.

How to find the best rat poison on the market in 2024?

It is confusing when trying to select which type is best for your need. Picking the best mouse killer poison is not so easy because you will find lots of poison brands and various ranges of their pricing. There is a range of various sticky mouse traps and electronic mouse Zapper used in the USA for controlling rodents. Some of them don’t work properly. So we collect all data when listing the best rodenticide available in 2021 for you so that you can achieve an effective result. You can select any one of our reviews of the ten best mouse rodenticides. Our users have tested these poisons and it worked perfectly without any issues.

View the top-rated, most effective rat poison reviews that work perfectly.

Using a mouse poison may be a wise and effective choice to control the rat population around your area. So what’s the most effective rat poison you should buy in 2021? We’ve got to put together an inventory of the top 10 best rat poisons to assist you in selecting the correct one to urge complete satisfaction. You have got already checked our comparison table. Let’s take a deep dive into the remainder of the ten best mouse poison reviews to grab the detailed information you would like to create an informed purchase decision.

Low-priced rat poisons: Tomcat, D-Con, ECO Clear, Harris

Mid-priced mouse poisons: JT EATON, Just One Bite, Havoc Rat poison

High-priced rat killers: NEOGEN Rodenticide, First Strike

1. Best Overall:MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Killer pack

When you hear rats scurrying on your floor or attic, then it is high time to take immediate action by using Tomcat Mouse poison. This rat poison gives you a fast and effective solution for getting rid of these harmful, dangerous rodents from your home Tomcat rat poison’s active ingredients are Bromadiolone and Diphacinone chemical poisons, so it doesn’t kill the rats or mice immediately.

In most cases, the poison pellets kill rats in 3 to 5 days after consuming the poison. MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse poison is a standard rat killer creation that works equally in different weathers. It is also dog friendly and you can place it anywhere on your property.

MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Liquid Concentrated Bait, 1.68-Ounce, (8 Pack)


  1. Tomcat is very cost-efficient and pet-friendly rat poison
  2. Tomcat rat poison is safe for dogs.
  3. You can use it in three different ways, such as rodent stations, bait chunks, and glue board.
  4. The pack contains human food-grade elements to attract them easily.
  5. It eradicates rats in less than six days
  6. Tomcat poison blocks and pallets are less costly considering other rodent poisons


  1. The poison doesn’t  kill mice instantly
  2. Sometimes a secondary feed is needed to kill them.

What I like about this mouse poison is it is less poisonous to other wildlife animals. So Tomcat rat poison doesn’t put a harmful effect on dogs. I put it first in our top 10 best rodent poison list. I highly recommend you grab a Tomcat Mouse Killer today.

2. Havoc Rat poison: Best rodenticide that Works instantly

Havoc mouse poison is one of the best rat poisons available on the market. The combination of Brodifacom and anticoagulant make this rodenticide more powerful. So if you don’t have patience and want to see instant results, then you should use it. One single feed and they may die in several hours. It comes with a special formulation that attracts rats easily to consume the food. Just place the pellets in the ceiling or rooftop.

Neogen Havoc Rodenticide Rat & Mouse Bait Pellet Pack, 8 lb.Pail



  1. The rodenticide shows results instantly and kills mice in a single feed.
  2. Havoc rat poison contains second-generation, powerful poison ingredients.
  3. The quantity is well at this price range.
  4.  It works perfectly in all weather conditions.
  5. Havoc rat and mouse baits don’t evaporate in the air like other rodenticides.
  6. You can also use it to kill a Norway rat.


  1. It is not safe for other wildlife animals and pets. Keep the container and bait away from the kids.

If you are frustrated dealing with rats and want to kill them in a single night, then set up baits outside. We recommend you take proper safety precautions before using this rat poison. If you want to avoid killing mice, you can use a humane rat trap.

3. Bell Contrac Rat poison: Best mouse poison on the market that kills rats without smell

Contrac rat killer comes with second-generation anticoagulant ingredients called Brodifacoum that can exterminate a large number of rats in a single feed from your buildings. One 4lb Bell Contrac mouse poison is enough to kill many rats at a time. It is an ideal choice if you plan to stop the rat infestation in a large farm area.

Contrac mouse poison is also an all-weather Blox rodenticide that can be used both inside and outside areas. It kills rat slowly and allows you to dispose of the rodents outside of the buildings. It is very dangerous to children and pets because it doesn’t have safety features like De-Con Corner fit mouse poison. But this product can give you the opportunity to get rid of these diseases-carrier rodents over a long period of time.

18 LB Contrac Blox Rodent Control Rodenticide Kills Mice & Rats


  1. Effective and powerful rat poison available on the market.
  2. Contrac mouse baits can eradicate Norway rats with a single feeding
  3. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor circumstances
  4. One container is sufficient to stop mouse infestation for a long time
  5. You can apply it in any season.


  1. You have to take safety precautions before using it.
  2. Takes 24-48 hours to kill the rats.

Bell CONTRAC rat poison is the best option for you because its special formulation bait system provides a strong poising effect.

4. Farnam Just One Bite: Effective Rat Poison to Use for outdoor

If you want a poison that attacks rats or mice instantly, then Just One Bite Rat Poison will be a better option for you. Just one bait and the job are done because it has very strong toxic chemical ingredients the Bromadiolone. So it would be the best choice for farmers and owners who have a large space of land or garage.

It is a second-generation poison that specializes in agricultural use. Just One Bite ii has been very effective in killing Norway rats as they are larger in size. But you should be careful dealing with this rodenticide. It is not safe for other animals. So make sure all the baits are out of sight from pets and kids. It also comes in the pallet format in an 8-lbs container pack.

Farnam Just One Bite II Rat & Mouse Bar 8pk 8lb



  1. Farnam Just One Bite 2 rat Poison is very much effective to kill Norway rats that are larger in size and shape
  2. It is suitable for farming usage.
  3. Just One Bite Rat Poison bars are fully optimized to attract mice and one single feed is enough to kill these rodents
  4. It takes several days to kill, but one bite is enough
  5. This most effective rat poison can kill a large number of rodents at a time.
  6. Death is delayed, so you won’t get the bad odor


  1. It is very toxic and dangerous for animals. So put the bait far away from the pet house.
  2. You might not find this product in general stores. This rat poison is also not available in residential areas. So you have to order it online.

Want instant results? Purchase this formulation cause it is equally effective for all breeds. Its Nibble-Edges bait station system attracts rats and mice easily.

5. Neogen Rodenticide: Best Outdoor Rat killer poison

Neogen rodenticide is also an all-weather rat killer like Tim cat mouse killer but more toxic. It can function in all conditions no matter it is cold, wet, or dry seasons. It is formulated both for indoor and outdoor use. Neogen rat poison is a water-resistant second generation anticoagulant that kills mice with a single feed. So you can feed the rodents outside of the house because it remains effective even in wet or moist areas.

If you have a beautiful little garden in front of the house and facing a rat infestation, then this is the perfect rat poison for you to control the circumstances. Just open the container, place the pallets and let them chew the poison bait. It will wipe out all that rodents from your garden and keep your areas diseases free.

Neogen Ramik Green Fish Flavored Weather Resistant Rodenticide Nuggets, 4 lb bag (00615)


  1. It doesn’t contain wax. So outdoor use is more effective and simpler.
  2.  Neogen mouse poison can work equally in all-weather conditions.
  3. It won’t meltdown in the water like other pellets.
  4. Second generation, toxic poison kills mice in less than four days.
  5. Single feed is enough to suffocate the rat or mouse.
  6. Super simple to use. This rodenticide is perfect for the home.


  1. This poison is not suitable for killing large Norway rats.
  2.  It is not safe around kids and other wildlife animals.

So if you are living in cold or rainy areas, then this mouse killer will be a smart choice for you to get instant results.

6. First Strike Soft Bait mice and rat poison that works fast

Frist strike is a rat poison that works instantly. If you are dealing with a serious rat infestation, then it might be the time to increase your budget a little more on a professional–grade satisfaction like First Strike Soft Bait mouse poison. Its powerful combination of anticoagulant and Brodifacoum are very effective on almost all kinds of rats, such as Warfarin-resistant Norway rats. Its Difetialone aroma attracts rats and mice to the bait station. I recommend you place the First Strike Rat poison in a tamper-resistant bait station.  The poison blocks don’t evaporate or melt in the air. You can use it in your sheds, garages, attic, agricultural farms, bran, commercial buildings, and almost everywhere.

LIPHA TECH FirstStrike Rodent Bait 10g - 4lb Bag (31113)

  1. First Strike Bait works rapidly in high infestation areas.
  2. It can be used in both cold and hot weather.
  3. First Strike poison comes with SST (soft-secure-technology) feature.
  4. Highly effective rat killer
  5. Difethialone fragrance attracts rats and mice quickly.
  6. The container is well secured.
  7. The mouse poison kills Norway rats in one single feeding.
  8. Best rat poison in 2021 that kills rats without spreading stinking smell.


  1. Brodifacoum is harmful to kids and pets. So you have to secure the poison from them.
  2. You might not find a small pack.

If you want a long-lasting absence of rats, then this rodenticide is highly recommended. It keeps your family away from more than 40 serious diseases and repels any further damage.

7. D-Con rat poison: Safe for dogs and pets

This is one of the most effective mid-range rat killers available on the market. DCON mouse poison is also known as a reliable Rodenticide to all because its mix-bait system is very effective in eliminating all kinds of rats such as mice, Norway rats, squirrels, and rats. It takes 3 to 5 days to kill the rat. A safer distribution system protects your pets and kids so that they can’t be accidentally exposed to this. But if you don’t want to use poison for rats, then the company offers you a D-Con mouse trap. You can use it both inside and outside of the house.

D-Con Refillable Corner Fit Mouse Poison Bait Station Refills, 10 Count


  1. D-con rat poison pellets provide mixed-bait station design and keep mice away from stinking.
  2. The security systems ensure the safety of kids and pets
  3. D’Con rat poison can kill Norway rats easily
  4. Single feed is enough to kill the mouse and other rodents
  5. This cheap rat poison is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.


  1. The poison packet is small in size.
  2. You need to buy two or more packets.

What I love about this poison is its protection system. It is a very powerful second-generation poison, but user-friendly and totally safe for household use. The secure design ensures the minimum risk of secondary poisoning. I highly recommend you to use this effective rat poison because it ensures the safety of your kids and other pets.

8. JT Eaton bait block with peanut butter flavor 

JT Eaton products contain first-generation chemical ingredients like Anticoagulant and very effective in killing small rodents from your properties. It is not as strong as Neogen rodenticide but very effective to eradicate rats. The price is also reasonable. The Eaton JT rat killer comes with a 9-lb container. Each container has 144 blocks with a peanut butter fragrance that easily attracts the rats to consume the poison. Diphacinone causes internal bleeding in the rat’s body and kill them in two days. Set up the baits in basements or garages where it can be safe for a long while.

JT Eaton 704-PN Bait Block Anticoagulant Rodenticide, Peanut Butter Flavor, for Mice and Rats (4 lb Pail of 64)


  1. Formulatedwith a peanut butter flavor that appeals to rats and mice.
  2. The product comes with a first-generation anticoagulant function.
  3. This rat poison is suitable for tiny rats or mice at home depot
  4. JT Eaton bait block Rodenticide is the best rat poison to buy for an attic that kills small rodents in 2 days
  5. 144 JT Eaton bait blocks can eliminate a large number of rats over a long period of time.


  1. This rat killer is not effective in killing large Norway rats.
  2. JT Eaton rat poison doesn’t kill rodents instantly.

If you notice you have dozens of tiny rats skulking around your house and search for the most effective rat poison, then I recommend you to use this best rodenticide.

9. EcoClear RatX rodenticide: Best rat poison available in California.

If you are looking for humane, effective, safe, and cost-efficient rat poison, then Eco-Clear natural mouse killer is the best available option on the market. The poison is made of natural, non-dangerous neurotoxins. So it is totally safe if you are living in an area with plenty of wildlife animals. By chance, if pets or dogs eat the poison, they won’t get sick. It also reduces the risk of second contamination in the environment. Norway rats might not get killed by this poison, but it is very effective in killing small mice and rats. Its non-toxic ingredients offer you the freedom to place the poison in any corner of the house.

EcoClear Products 620101, RatX All-Natural Humane Rat and Mouse Rodenticide Pellets, 1 lb. Bag


  1. EcoClear rat killer is safe to use because it is non-toxic to pets and children.
  2. Natural non-harmful ingredients with safe formulation.
  3. Suitable and easy to use both inside and outside.
  4. Minimize the risk of contamination.
  5. EcoClear Rat X products don’t kill rats instantly and leave no rotten smell.


  1. Not suitable for Norway rats
  2. Required some patience to get effective results.

It is a pet-friendly natural risk-free solution.  In my opinion, EcoClear is the safest rat poison available in California because super-toxic rat poison is banned in California to protect the wildlife.

This effective rodenticide provides you high attraction with a strong poising effect without spreading a bad rotten odor. It dehydrated the rat’s body so that the smell cannot leave out from their corpse. This is the mouse poison that kills rats without smell.

Why rats and mice are dangerous?

Rat Poison

As you know rats or mice can cause serious damage to health and it can transmit bacteria, Bubonic plague, Lassa fever, Leptospirosis, typhus, and other disease agents. For example, San Francisco is handling the outbreak of typhus. So it is best to prevent them as early as possible by using the best mouse poison.  If you don’t take necessary measures to eradicate them quickly, it can reproduce so quickly.

Their reproduction rate is very high because they start breeding approximately every three weeks. During this time period, a female mouse or rat can breed from five to twenty babies at a time. Just imagine how they keep multiplying and destroying your valuable household properties. So if you face such a problem like this, don’t fear because there are lots of different ways to stop the infestation. But I suggest you choose a mouse poison rather than an electric rat zapper trap or tricky rat trap.

Difference between rats and mice-Biology and Characteristics

If you are facing a rodent problem and want to use some rat poisons, then it is important to know the difference between rats, Norway rats, and mice because it makes a huge difference when it comes to choosing the right rat poison. You have to determine which one you have in your home or commercial places so that you can apply proper treatment to solve the pest problem. So the question is do you have mice or do you have rats? Actually, the difference lies in the size and shape. Let’s identify.

Characteristics of rats

  1. Rats have bigger ears and tail than a mouse.
  2. They are black or gray in color. Rats have much stronger teeth.
  3. The weight of a rat is about 5-9 oz.
  4. Rats are excellent climbers so you can find it in the upper portion of the building.
  5.  Rats are larger than mice. The length is about 30-40cm or more.
  6. The shape of a rat’s head is triangular and blunt.
  7. The rats won’t explore new things like mice because they are usually cautious about new things.

Characteristics of Norway rats

  1. Norway rats are bigger in size. The size is 7-9 inches.
  2. They stay in the lower section of the building or ground.
  3. The weight is up to 16 oz.
  4. Norway rats have small ear and blunt nose.

Characteristics of mouse

  1. The length of a mouse is about 10-25cm. So they are smaller than rats and Norway rats.
  2. Mice usually have large ears and whiskers than rats.
  3. They are small in size. Mice are skillful climber.
  4.  Mice are curious to explore new things.
  5. Mouse has weaker teeth than rats.

Now you know what kinds of rodents are infesting your property. I suggest you to use a electric trap to capture Norway rats. Rodenticides would be the best option to eradicate mice and rats from your living place.


We collect data, reviews, and ratings from different sources like Amazon, Wikipedia, PEST CONTROL, and also the CDC. Then we analyze the reviews of the shoppers and list our top products.

Diseases transmitted by rats or mice

Rats don’t bite, but, they can carry various diseases and parasites with them, which is very alarming and lethal to your family. Rat injury about 14,000 people every year. Rats and mice can transmit salmonella, bubonic plague, Lyme, leptospirosis, tapeworms, and other diseases. I will give you brief details on this below.

Salmonella: Salmonella is very a contagious disease transmitted by rats or mice. You can get affected when the droppings of rats have come into contact with your foods or kitchen equipment. Salmonella can be easily transmitted to your pets and dogs. The symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramps.

Tapeworm: If you get caught, your intestine will get affected by parasites and can cause serious health problems. Tapeworm spread when rat’s urine and droppings contaminate with your hand or body.  So you should not take your meal without washing your hands. Tapeworms cause symptoms such as nausea, weakness, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Lyme disease:  This is an infectious disease caused by bacteria that is spread by rats. Signs and symptoms are rash, fever, headache, joint pain, etc.

According to CDC reports, rats can spread numerous infections to humans directly. That’s why it is essential to stop rat infestation by using the best rat poisons from our top ten list and keep them away from your property.

 What is in rat poison ingredients?

You can find several types of rat poison on the online market. Most of them are made from different sorts of rat poison ingredients that have different toxic effects and treatments to attract the rats to consume the poison. Rat poisons don’t kill mice instantly because it kills their target by preventing blood clotting. So it takes several days. Different types of rodenticides found in different rat poisons. Generally, four common active ingredients are found in rat poisons.


Rat poison main ingredient is Anticoagulants also known as chronic single or multi-dose rodenticide. It reduces vital blood-clotting and block the vitamin K cycle, leading to internal bleeding. So rodents suffocate from inner hemorrhages. It may take several days to appear the effect of this mouse poison.

Calciferol: This rodenticide increase calcium in the rodent’s body that causes serious renal failure. So it leads to cardiac arrest or kidney failure. Mixture of

Anticoagulants and Calciferol in the same bait can be more effective for single bait.

Bromethalin: Only a small amount of this poison can increase the level of sodium in the cell of rats and affects the central nerve system, which builds high levels of toxic substances in the bodies of the mouse. The result comes rapidly fatal if a large dose is consumed. So this poisonous ingredient is very effective for big rats.

You can find other rodenticides like Zinc Phosphide, Strychnine, Hyperkalemia, Arsenic Mitochondrial, and many more in rat poison active ingredients list. I have already listed all those best rat killer poison products for you that have all these chemical ingredients.

How to get rid of house rats fast?

First, you have to determine what types of rodents you are dealing with because rats and mice are in different sizes. They also have different physiologies. So using the best rat poison is the only way to get rid of rats. Usually, rat poisons are categorized into first and second generation. The first-generation rodenticide kills rodents quite slowly while the second generation rat bait kills rodents instantly. 

You have to use preeminent rat and mouse killer to catch Norway rats because they are larger than other rodents. Franam Just One Bite rat poison is more effective in killing Norway rats. For large places like sheds, farms, commercial stores, the best thing to use is rat baits. But make sure the baits are always safe from non-targeted species. If you want to keep rats as a pet, you can house them in a rat cage to provide safe shelter.

How to use rat poison?

 The effectiveness of the poison depends on several factors. Some rodenticides require more than one exposure while others are lethal after a single exposure. Again, different brands use different amounts of chemicals. A rat consumes about 36gm of food daily over 9 meals. They take a 3-4gm meal each time. So the lethal dose should be below 3gm. First-generation rat poison is more effective in rats or mice but several days of feeding required. But one single feeding is enough to kill the rats for second-generation baits as it contains strong chemical poison.

Don’t forget to change the bait or poison time-to-time because rats have developed a strong sense of smell. Sometimes they can identify the bait and avoid consuming the poison. So if your rodenticide or bait isn’t being taken, you should move it to another place.

Safety Precaution you should follow before using rodenticides

  • Keep it out of sights of children, dogs, cats, and pets. Remove all other food sources
  • Find a safe place because it is important to always put the rodenticide in the same place
  • Try to use a product that doesn’t cause secondary poisoning in local wildlife animals like deer or birds
  • Don’t forget to wash your hand properly after using the rat poison
  • For farming purposes choose a stronger-acting rat poison that kills rats instantly.
  • Never put mouse poison on the floor in your home. Replace spoiled poison straight away
  • Apply rat killer as instructed on the product’s pack and follow all label requirements and restrictions
  • Store the rodenticide pack in a locked cabinet far from kids’ reach so that they cannot open the packet or container


Now I want to ask you, what’s the best mouse poison you should buy in 2021? You know the answer. You have already gone through our top ten best rat poison’s reviews that will lead you in the right direction for choosing the most effective rat poison on the market to get the job done perfectly. So choose your products according to your budget and start baiting rats to stop the infestation. All are excellent inbuilt quality. If you still confused to identify the rat poison that’s the right choice for you, then you can depend on any poison from the top three without any hesitation.

The sooner you use rat poison, the better since you don’t want to put your property and health at risk. If you need any assistance with choosing the best rat poison, feel free to contact us today or leave comments below. I will be glad to read your opinion.


What if your Pet Eats Rat Poison?

It is a common issue while placing the rat poison around the pets. The risk factor depends on the rodenticide type. Rodenticide has Warfarin that is known as a blood thinner. The first sign of pet poisoning is couching or difficulty in breathing. If your pet accidentally eats a small amount of primary poison, bring your pet to fresh air. Feed some active charcoal, and it will automatically recover soon.
But if it consumes Bromethalin or Calciferol, then a high dose of vitamin K is required to neutralize the poison. Warfarin prevents vitamin K that causes internal bleeding (Hemorrhage). Take your pet to a veterinarian immediately and conduct a blood test. Don’t forget to take the poison package with you. You must provide a high-quality protein diet for several weeks to boost up the immunity again.

Is it safe to use mouse poison in the house?

Mouse poisons are not completely safe. Try to choose slow, first-generation rat poisons such as Tomcat or D-con as it is less dangerous. Keep your pet away from areas where poisons and toxins are being placed. Don’t place the poison bait in the kitchen or bathroom. Follow instructions on the rodenticide level carefully. Consuming high dosages can be fatal. You can use a protective bait station to secure the poison baits. If safety precaution is taken, it is completely safe to use mouse poison inside your house.

Where to find the most effective rat poison?

One of the foremost trusted places to shop for the best rat poison is at Amazon because it offers a competitive price. Amazon provides excellent customer service and fast shipping.