New JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide Reviews In 2020

If you notice a weird scratching sound of rats from your attic, JT Eaton bait block rodenticide may help you to control the rat population. Rat infestation is the most common problem for property owners in the summer and winter seasons. They can make structural damage to walls, cables, wires, documents, and cloths. They can chew woods and furniture that may result in heavy losses. Only an effective rat poison can wipe out these pesky predators in several days after feeding.

Powerful JT Eaton all-weather bait poison is used for an easy and effective solution to stop the mice population. Its alluring peanut butter flavor attracts rats easily, and the bait block is temper-resistant. So you can use the poison block in any season.

Reviews of JT Eaton 709 PN bait block rodenticide

Have you tried all other rodenticides, but nothing worked out? JT Eaton bait block products can be effective in both commercial and residential infestation areas. It is a first-generation rodenticide containing a strong anticoagulant. The active ingredients are Difethialone and vitamin K1 antidote. This chemical can kill all rats and mice effectively, whether it is a house mouse or Norway rat, despite how strong they are. Generally, a lethal dose of bait block kills Norway rats and house mice in just one night. It can also kill Warfarin-resistant Norway rats and roof rats in 3-5 days after consuming the bait pallets.

jt eaton 709 pn bait block rodenticide

The package design of this product allows the aroma to escape, which attracts rats and mice to the bait station. The pail is reusable, and the poison blocks are tamper-evident. So JT Eaton gopher bait poison blocks are cost-efficient and effective rodent control solutions. So without wasting time, let’s check the JT Eaton bait block reviews.


Its natural peanut butter flavor allows the aroma to spread. It ensures high acceptance and attracts the mice to feed on it.
• The bait block is effective in hot and cold weather in both indoors and outdoors.
• Rats that are resistant to anticoagulants will be killed with this gopher bait poison.
• The bait pallets are contained in a well-secured, sealable container for future use.
• The label of the product allows the paper to remove to place bait directly into a feeding device like the SST. You can use the baits with a rat zapper.
• JT Eaton 709 PN bait block rodenticide anticoagulant bait is capable to kill all kinds of rodent species.


• It can harm your kids, pets, and other animals if you use it directly without mouse bait stations.

JT Eaton bait block label and instructions

The bait blocks come with 1441- ounce poison baits in a tamper-resistance resealable container. The company manufactures high-quality pest control products that can help you save from these unwanted pesky rodents. You can find all the instructions on the label of the product. Always try to replace and dispose of the contaminated or spoiled baits immediately. Here I tried to show you the instructions given on the JT Eaton products label.

JT Eaton bait block label

  1. You should keep the container out of reach of animals and children.
  2. For safety purposes, try to place the poison bait blocks with a tamper-proof bait station. It is mandatory if you can use it outside of the house.
  3. JT Eaton bait block can be used in agricultural areas, commercial buildings, and garages.
  4. Be careful so that the blocks don’t come into contact with food and water. If your pet consumes the block, call a veterinarian immediately.
  5. Always wear a water-proof glove while handling poisoned animals or bait blocks. If your skin comes into contact with rodenticide, wash your skin with plenty of water and soap for 10 to 15 minutes.

Active ingredients in JT Eaton mouse poison baits

JT Eaton bait block ingredients is 0.005% Diphacinone. Diphacinone is a first-generation anticoagulant that can eliminate tiny mice and Norway rats. This poisonous chemical is not as strong as Brodifacoum, but it is more toxic than warfarin. It contains vitamin K anticoagulant that causes irregular heartbeat. Exposure of this rodenticide may cause rectal bleeding, heart failure, and stop blood clotting. JT Eaton is formulated with peanut butter flavor to attract mice easily so that they can consume a lethal dosage. The bait blocks are tamper-resistance with 1-year limited protection.

Active ingredients in JT Eaton

Considering other rodenticides, Diphacinone is less hazardous to pets and other wildlife. So don’t place or dispose of the poison baits where surface water is presented. You should always use the poison blocks with a secure bait station. Dogs and animals might be affected if they consume a lethal amount of JT Eaton rodenticide.

Does JT Eaton really work?

You have already gone through our Jt Eaton bait block reviews. Most of the mouse poisons are not capable of killing warfarin-resistance Norway rats. So you need a rodenticide that can eliminate all kinds of rodent species such as tiny mice, rats, Norway rats, and squirrels. So Jt Eaton makes the work easy for the house owners who are dealing with a rat infestation in garages, basement, or attic. It only takes 3-5 days to keep your building rodent-free. The killing rate is very high because it is formulated with attractive peanut butter flavor and fragrance that encourage feeding. The bait blocks are palatable, and you can use it indoors or outdoors. Just track their nest, check the droppings, identify their species, place the bait, and your job is done. Place the bait block at 7 to 11-foot intervals. Rats consume these baits and die within several days.

Where to get JT Eaton phone number?

JT Eaton manufactures different types of pest and rodent control products such as bait station, bait blocs, rat poison, sticky glue boards, and many more. The company was founded in 1932 and developed various innovative rat control products. The company is located in Twinsburg, United States. You can Fax them at to get any additional information.
Fax: (330-425-8353)
Call: (330-425-7801), (800-321-3421)

Where to buy JT Eaton products?

It is a well-known rodent control brand that manufactures its products for 80 years. So you can find the container at any local hardware stores in your areas. But if you don’t find the product in your state, then you can buy Jt Eaton bait block rodenticide on amazon and home depot. Amazon offers fast delivery at a reasonable price. So I would suggest you to purchase this rodenticide blocks from amazon. You can comment below your current location if you are still struggling to buy JT Eaton products.