Top 3 Best Rat Zapper Reviews With Full Set Up Guide

If you have a problem with rats, it is compulsory for you to keep your home safe. Rodents can cause noteworthy damage to your property and carry various diseases. So you need to stop their population in your house as soon as possible. You can try different ways to stop the infestation. There are a variety of solutions for controlling these harmful mice.

But using a classic rat zapper is one of the easiest ways to manage their population. Our top 3 best rat Zapper reviews will help you to get rid of rats effectively and quickly. These electronic rodent zappers are reusable and environment-friendly. So purchasing a mouse zapper is an easy, cost-efficient way to keep these unwanted rodents out of your house.

Terry rat zapper: Best zapper for cold area

Terry’s rat zapper is one of the top brands for rat control. The zapper is easy to use and clean. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. So you can place it around pets and kids. The kitchen is an ideal place to set the electronic trap because it is typically a hotspot for rats and mice. It is a great way to stop rat infestation in small areas. It is designed to work in extreme weather conditions. The battery life is up to 12-15 months. Its lithium 4AA batteries can work down to -40c temperature.


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  1. Nontoxic pet-friendly rat solution.
  2. It provides long-lasting battery standby.
  3. The zapper can kill 50-100 mice with the batteries.
  4. Batteries are included with the product
  5. The Terry’s rat zapper is safe around other non-targeted animals.
  6. It has an LED indication light.

ALWMHWOE electronic WI-FI rat zapper

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ALWMHWOE electric rat zapper allows you to kill rodents without having to use mouse poisons. Most of the poisons are injurious to wild animals, even they are not the projected target. The zapper comes with advanced WI-FI technology that can send a notification to the smartphone. You need to download a simple app to get killed or low battery notification. The wireless distance is up to 45 meters. So if you are searching for an optimum solution to get rid of rats that have occupied your yard, attic, kitchen, or shed, then one of the most effective user-friendly available products is an  ALW electronic mouse zapper.


  1. The Zapper emits a high-voltage electric shock to kill a rat instantly.
  2. It uses WI-FI technology to send notifications. ALWMHWOE is less expensive than a Victor electric rat trap.
  3. It can kill 40-45 rats per set of batteries.
  4. The ALWMHWOE electric rat zapper is easy to use and clean.
  5. The radiofrequency is 2.4 GHz. WI-FI distance is 45m.
  6. You can operate down to -40c temperature.


  1. Batteries are not included.

RZU001 Ultra rat zapper reviews

If you don’t have enough time to use rat poison and monitor it, then this product may be the best option for you to keep your home pest-free. This Rat Zapper Ultra rodent trap will help you diminish mouse infestation within days. It is also very effective against Norway rats. Ultra rzu001 is the most used rat zapper in Canada, Australia, and the USA.  The Rat Zapper features smart rodent recognition technology that can eradicate any kind of rats from your property. So if you are looking for a humane eco-friendly rat trap, then RZU001 mouse zapper is perfect for you.


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  1. This zapper can eradicate large-size rats effectively from your house.
  2. Cleaning is very easy. You don’t need to touch the dead mice.
  3. You can place it in attics, sheds, and basements.
  4. LED light indication systems notify kill or low battery.
  5. This electric rat zapper is as safe as Tomcat rat poison because it is non-toxic and reusable.
  6. One set of 4D batteries can kill 60 rats or mice.


  1. You need to buy extra batteries.

How to clean rat zappers?

Cleaning a rat zapper is very easy and hygienic. Unlike sticky glue traps, you don’t have to touch or look at dead rats. It has a no-touch, no-See cleanup system that allows you to dispose of them safely. When it is time to empty the zapper, its LED light flashes red or green. Just turn off the zapper, open the lid and dump the dead rats into the trash without touching them. You can repeat the process again to reuse the rodent zapper. You can get more information on Wikipedia about rat zappers.

How does a rat zapper work?

A rat zapper is an electronic device that emits a high-voltage shock to kill rodents instantly. The power source is either a direct-line electric socket or a set of 4D batteries. An electronic rat zapper is equipped with an intelligent circuit that can sense when rats get into the trap’s tunnel. Then the zapper emits a high-voltage electric shock for 2 minutes and kills rodents instantly. Its LED indicator light starts blinking to indicate a kill.

How to set up a rat zapper?

Setting up a mouse zapper is very easy. First, you need to remove the battery cover and insert 4D batteries. Then close the battery cover again. Now open the lid and apply some attractive baits like peanuts or sunflower seeds. Place the rat zapper where you have signs of high mouse activity. Locating a rat zapper is very important. Locate the trap along the wall. Then turn on the switch. Now your rat zapper is active.


Poison and sticky glue traps are not only dangerous to pets and children, but they are destructive too.  You can place the rat zapper in areas where mouse poisons are inappropriate such as the kitchen, bathroom, playground, or garden. You already have gone through the top 3 best rat zapper reviews. Now it is time to select your product. With these rat zappers, keeping rats out of your property should be no problem anymore.

FAQ related to rat zappers

How to test rat zapper?

You have to notice the LED indicator light to test it. Just place the rat zapper and turn it on. A flashing green light indicates that the zapper is functioning. A blinking red light indicates a low battery. Recheck the batteries if you have any problems.

Where to buy a rat zapper?

You can buy it at any hardware store or online. You can also purchase rat zapper on Amazon and Walmart. You can find the best in-stock deals from our comparison table as I mentioned above.

Can electronic rat zapper be used outside?

If you follow the best rat zapper reviews, you will get the answer easily. Rat zappers in an electronic machine to eliminate rodents instantly. So it is not suitable for outdoor use. But if needed, you can cover it up with something to place it outside. Electronic zapper traps are not water-resistant. So try to locate it on a dry surface.

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