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Are you frustrated because of the rats in your house and agricultural buildings? If you are just terrified of rats and mice in your property, Motomco Tomcat mouse poison will be the best choice for you. The ingredient of tomcat poison is bromethalin that is very acute in killing small mice and even effective against anticoagulant resistant Norway rats. It contains oat and grain formula that is very attractive to rodents.

Motomco Tomcat mouse poison with bromethalin Meal Bait chunx

Motomo tomcat rodent poison only takes 3 days to exterminate rats and mice after taking a lethal dose. Because of the quick knockdown food-grade anticoagulants, more rodents can be controlled with less bait. Only one ounce of this poison bait blocks can kill more than 10 mice at once. Here you can check some pros and cons for this product.


  • Tomcat rodenticide strikes by affecting the nervous system of rats and mice.
  • Bromethalin is an ATP inhibitor that counteracts the transfer of energy across the nerve cells.
  • It exterminates rats and mice in just 3 days.
  • The poison can be used in all weather be it hot, dry, or wet condition.
  • Low in cost but much more effective than other costly rat control products.


  • It can harm other animals, pets, and kids as it doesn’t kill rats and mice instantly. So use a electric rodent trap to kill them quickly.
  • You can have bad smells from dead rats and mice.

Tomcat Mouse Killer 2 Reviews

Tomcat-II rat poison with Bromethalin bait blocks will give you relief from these pesky creatures. Tomcat ii contains Bromethalin which can control the high population of rodents and severe infestations. These packs and pallets are packaged individually. It contains approximately 3 oz of poison in one package. Even this product can kill anticoagulant resistant Norway rats, roof rats, or the house mice hidden in your home.


  • Tomcat mouse poison is very efficient in the different types of rodent species whether it is Norway rats, roof rats, or house mice.
  • Kills first rodent in just 2 days
  • Rats and mice will stop feeding baits after consuming a lethal dose. So less bait is required compared to other anticoagulant baits.
  • It also contains a non-anticoagulant called Bromethalin which is very acute.


  • Might hear the rotten smell of dead rats if you don’t keep track of the nest in your house. Again it is not a humane way to kill these rodents.
  • Might harm your kids and pets if they accidentally take it, should be kept away from them.

How does tomcat mouse killer work?

Tomcat is a well-known brand on the market that manufactures rat poisons, bait stations, and bait blocks. Its popularity and effectiveness will help you in killing all kinds of disturbing rodents including rats, mice, and Norway rats. The poison baits contain 0.005% bromadiolone that prevents blood from clotting. Bromadiolone is a first-generation Anticoagulant that decreases the level of vitamin K in the body. A blood vessel is considered as a pipe that flows blood along the whole body

If rodents consume tomcat mouse killer poison, its blood carrying vessel decreases the blood flow. Then the blood platelets come to help in clotting the blood cells. But the poison prevents the body from recycling vitamin k so that the platelets cannot clot again. The rats suffocate from internal bleeding and bleed to death. Usually, Bromadiolone is not as powerful as Zinc Phosphide or Calciferols. It takes 3-5 days to kill these pesky rodents. If you want to minimize the time, you need to use JT Eaton poison blocks. But Tomcat mouse poison became popular for its unique chemical formulation and benefits. Its mixed food-grade ingredients attract rats quickly and encourage feeding.

Tomcat rat poison ingredients

Tomcat mouse poisons active ingredient is bromadiolone which is highly effective against pesky rats and mice. Bromadiolone rodenticide was first allowed in America in 1980. It blocks vitamin K which is essential to clot blood. Fibrin protein is needed to bind the platelets and stop bleeding. But due to lack of vitamin k, Fibrin can no longer clot and the blood vessels are damaged. So the rats eventually die in several days due to internal hemorrhaging. The poison doesn’t show its effect instantly. If a rat consumes a lethal dose of Bromadiolone, the mortality rate might be 85-90%. Tomcat rat poison prevents the risk of secondary poisoning in the environment and keeps other non-targeted wildlife safe.

How to use tomcat mouse killer?

You need to find the areas where rats and mice are likely to visit. Rodents usually travel in 10-15 feet radius from their nest. Their eyesight is very weak. So they smell the foods and run along the walls to get it. It is important to find out where rats are hiding. They love to build their nest in dark, warm areas. You can find them in sheds, attics, garages, or under the refrigerator. So just follow these simple steps to place the tomcat rat poison blocks.

1. If you want to use the poison indoors, try to place the baits in the garage or behind the furniture and clipboard. It is also ideal to place the poison blocks at the corner along the walls.

2. For outdoor use, the poison should be placed behind the walls or cupboards. Don’t place the poison baits without a mouse bait station if you have pets and kids around your house.

3. Wear gloves when handling the commercial tomcat mouse poison packets and wash the hands properly after placing the blocks. Ensure other wildlife such as cats, dogs, and rabbits cannot access the poison blocks.

Effect of Tomcat rat poison in dogs

Tomcat mouse poison should be kept away from dogs and cats. Tomcat rat poison is less effective in dogs but it is dangerous for cats and birds. Lethal dosages might be dangerous for your pets because Brmadiolone is extremely effective. Only a single 3 ounce of poison block can kill up to 10-12 mice. So if your dog accidentally consumes tomcat poison, it normally takes 3-4 days before signs of poisoning are visible. Tomcat is a blood thinner mouse poison that debar the blood from clotting and start internal bleeding. The common sign of poisoning are coughing, difficulty breathing, paralysis, and seizures.

Cats are more sensitive to Brmadiolone than dogs. So if you dogs or cats ate tomcat rat poison, taking your dog to a veterinarian should be your priority. If you are late, the poison starts flushing the toxin around the body that causes swelling of the brain. Your dog might need an injection of vitamin K to clot the blood cell. If your dog suffers from significant blood loss, blood transfusions may be needed to stabilize your dog. Few days are necessary to recover because Brmadiolone has long-lasting consequences.

Will tomcat rat poison kill raccoons?

As you know tomcat mouse poison is not as poisonous as other second-generation rodenticides available on the market. It is usually formulated for eliminating tiny rats and mice. Even the poison is less effective on big Norway rats. So if raccoons consume this poison, they might face internal hemorrhage without mortality. The company claimed that customers can use it to kill raccoons, but most of the pest control experts don’t agree with their proclamations. it depends on the size of the raccoons and the number of baits they consumed. So if you want to kill a raccoon via poison, you should use Havoc or Contrac poison baits. These poisons are more effective in killing raccoons than tomcat rat killer.

Is tomcat rat poison harmful to dogs?

Considering other second-generation anticoagulants, tomcat is quite safe for dogs. But consuming a lethal dose might be dangerous and toxic for both. After getting exposed to tomcat poison, it might take 3-6 days to show the symptoms in dogs. They may suffocate fo several weeks, but it won’t kill the dog. Cats and birds are more sensitive to tomcat rat poison than dogs. Veterinarians normally treat your dog with vitamin K as an antidote of bromadiolone. Sometimes blood transfusion is required to help your dog recover soon. One of the biggest advantages of using tomcat is it is not strong enough to kill your dogs.

How fast does tomcat mouse poison work?

The answer depends on how much poison a rat or mouse has ingested. Depending on different rodent species, it can take two to ten days to die. It may take 2-3 days to kill a mouse. But if it is a rat, it may take 3-5 days to eliminate because they are larger than the mouse. For Norway rats, it usually takes 4-7 days but sometimes multiple feeding is required to kill them. So if you want an instant result, you can use an electronic mouse trap. But if you are dealing with a large number of rats in your house, use tomcat mouse poison to wipe out their entire population and reduce the risk of secondary poisoning.

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