Tomcat Vs Dcon: Which Is Better For You In 2022?

Tomcat vs Dcon: Which is better for you in 2022?

Rodent invasion is a bad dream for a house proprietor. They can wreck your records, cut your garments into pieces, and spread various dangerous diseases. It is not so easy when it comes to buying the best rat poison for these pesky little rodents. The decision can be hardest: Tomcat vs Dcon. Some pest control experts may prefer Tomcat, but others appreciate Dcon. Some people will care about the strong poison, while others will value the less poisonous products.

Tomcat vs Dcon

Both mouse poisons offer low-valued good product quality. Each rodenticide has its advantage, and there are some features you might want to consider choosing one over another. In this article, I will give a concise outline to assist you with choosing whether to purchase dcon or tomcat.

What is the difference between the Tomcat VS Dcon mouse killer?

Tomcat rodent killer: Tomcat rat poison is an excellent and efficient killing product for rodents. Generally, rats seem to prefer this type of meal bait and it is one of the products that professional uses because of its cost efficiency and fast killing behavior. Tomcat rat and mice killer is one of the best rodenticides all over the world. Its all-weather bait chunk is made in the USA.  This rat and mice killer can be placed both indoors and outdoors with human food ingredients. It takes 3-5 days to kill the rats. Sometimes multiple feeding is required to eliminate them. You can also check Tomcat glue boards review.

D-con mouse killer: Mice and rats are always undesirable guests to our house and it also bears a lot of miserable problems in our everyday life. With this d-con rat poison, you will see rats and mice in your house to be dead in just two days.  Dcon is the most effective well-known brand that can kill rats, mice, squirrels, and other rodents. One single feed in enough to eliminate these mice from your property. Dcon rat poison takes 1-2 days to kill the rodents. The poison contains Brodifacoum that causes internal hemorrhages. Its active ingredients are Vitamin-D. Dcon is faster, but not as safe as tomcat rat poison.

Comparison table: Dcon vs Tomcat

Things to consider between Dcon and tomcat rodenticides


Dcon has been an exceptionally famous brand over the world since 1950. The company uses first-generation anticoagulants as a rodenticide.  This is the best selling rat killer poison in America and Europe.  The poison is more toxic than tomcat mouse poison. Dcon also known as DECON is one of the leading rat poison products in the world in the field of rodent control technology.

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On the other hand, tomcat is not as popular as D-con, but it is used by a huge number of people around the globe.  They have dedicated their research and high-quality products for the control of different types of rodents and mice.  The company has been manufacturing its products for 40 years. So it becomes a very popular rat poison brand in 2020.

D’con bait vs Tomcat bait: Which is more effective?

D-con poison baits are more effective and stronger compare to the tomcat mouse poison. One single feed is enough to eradicate these squirreling mice from your property.  It takes 1-2 days to kill the rat outside of the house. The poison is equally effective in eliminating warfarin resistance Norway rats and mice. So it works faster than tomcat.

Tomcat rat poison is also a first-generation rodenticide but it takes a long time to eliminate mice than d’con.  You might need multiple feeding to kill these tiny rodents. One single feed is not enough to eradicate these rodents.  It usually takes 4-5 days to kill a mouse. But it is safe to use in your house.

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Comparison by Price

Dcon is more famous and effective rat poison considering to Tomcat. So you have to spend some additional cash on it. But you don’t need to buy multiple poison packets because one lethal dosage is enough to kill any rodent species.

Tomcat is a budget-friendly rat poison. You don’t need to spend a lot to get one.  But you might need to buy multiple packets because one single feed is not enough as it works slowly in rat body. You have to feed twice to make your house rat-free.


Tomcat mouse killer vs Dcon: which is more secure? Dcon contains cholecalciferol that causes heart failure or kidney failure. It is a strong and active poison ingredient that might be fatal for pets and dogs. So you need to be very cautious before placing the bait. Always use an outdoor bait station if you place the poison outside of the building.

Tomcat mouse poison contains Bromadiolone with a small amount of paraffin. It boosts the level of sodium in the cell. You can apply vitamin K1 as a readily accessible antidote. So tomcat is safe and less poisonous to dogs and other pets. If safety is your main concern, you should go with tomcat rodent poison.

Dcon vs tomcat poison: why tomcat is better

If you have pets or kids in your house, then tomcat would be a safe choice. Tomcat has first-generation less poisonous chemical ingredients. Tomcat is also safe for non-targeted animals. Tomcat rat poison is only effective in tiny house mice. So If you are inquiring for a budget-friendly mouse poison, then tomcat would be the most ideal alternative.

Tomcat or Dcon: why dcon is the Winner

But if you don’t have any pets in your home and need a strong poison that can kill rats in a single feed, then go with D-con mouse poison as it is more toxic and persistent than tomcat mouse poison. It kills rats in a short time. Again, if you are dealing with Norway rats, you need to utilize Dcon instead of tomcat mouse poison.

So tomcat or dcon Which should you choose? Tell me in the comment box.