Top 5 Best Sticky Traps For Mice In 2024 With Strong Mouse Glue Board

There are different ways of dealing with rats and mice. But using Sticky traps for mice is a very notable alternative when you don’t want to use rat poison or a bait station. It is less harmful and inexpensive than any other rat-killing product. It doesn’t contain any poisonous ingredients. Once you start using mouse sticky traps the result will be seen within several days. But how do you grab the best glue traps for mice from the hundreds on the online market? In this article, I have listed the top 5 best sticky glue traps that work perfectly when it comes to killing rats. So keep reading to find which trap is right for you.

Top 5 sticky traps comparison table

What is a sticky mouse trap?

The sticking rat trap is also known as the glue trap or glue board. Its tray is coated with strong adhesive chemicals to stick any rodents passing around. When a rat or a mouse touches the tray, then it stuck on the tray and can’t escape from the trap. So rats suffer a slow death by suffocation. The trap is extremely easy to use and budget-friendly.

How to use sticky traps for mice?

If you have started to notice some rats making noise at night, don’t panic. There is a solution to eliminate these unwanted rodents.  Just grab a mouse sticky trap and place it in your house. But to start, it is important to hide all the food sources to attract them near the tray. You should follow these simple steps to get effective results.

  1. Select your glue trap from our best sticky trap’s list for mice.
  2. Remove all the food sources
  3. Clean up the area where you want to place the mouse glue boards. It will be less effective in dusty areas.
  4. Set up the trap on the floor on the night and wait till morning
  5. Try to set up multiple traps at a time otherwise, rats will learn to escape from the glue board.
  6. The trap doesn’t remain sticky if you use it outside in hot or cold weather. So try to use it indoors only.

Sticky Traps

But if you have big Norway rats in your house, you should use rat poison or place Victor’s electronic mouse traps to kill them. Again, you should not use it in your kitchen or living room because rats like to travel out of sight of humans. Open the pack and set the trap in a suitable place. But remember, using sticky traps for the mouse is not humane. So if you want to eliminate rats humanely, you should use a humane mouse trap. How to shop for the best sticky traps for mice? Let’s check our top 5 sticky glue traps with detailed information.

1. Catchmaster indoor sticky rat traps

One of the cheapest rat glue traps available on the market. This fast-acting Catchmaster indoor sticky trap comes with plenty of benefits. It works perfectly in humid areas and is ideal for the basement, attic, and outside use. Aiming for sticky traps for mice gives you a great health advantage. So if you are frustrated with rats, then this is the product you need to counter them.


  1. The trap is poison-free. So it is a safe way to use a sticky trap for a mouse.
  2. It is harmless and easy to use around pets.
  3. Cost-efficient heavy-duty product
  4. Rat glue boards don’t require additional baits.


  1. It is less effective for farming usage.

2. Tapper Max mouse glue board traps

Trapper glue board is a long-lasting trap that can be used in farms and outdoors for almost one year in all-weather conditions. You don’t require any baits to set up the trap. The trap can be folded. So you can easily place the board at the corner or into a trapezoidal tunnel. The glue pad is very effective to catch all kinds of tiny creatures like cockroaches, scorpions, and other pests living in your house.


  1. Its peanut butter smell attracts rodents easily near the trap.
  2. This sticky mouse trap comes with 12 glue boards.
  3. Easy to set up and use
  4. Pet-friendly and pesticide-free
  5. It has advanced security features like an electric rat zapper.



3. Tomcat glue traps for rats

Tomcat glue rat traps not only kill the mouse but also eliminate spiders, roaches from your building. It comes with an all-weather temper-resistant mouse glue board that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Try to set up the glue pads in small places like narrow lanes or garage entrances. Tomcat glue trap is very easy to set up because you don’t have to remove any adhesive stickers.


  1. The product is totally non-toxic and pet-friendly. It is as effective as Tomcat mouse poison.
  2. It contains Eugenol that increases stickiness.
  3. You can use it in any weather conditions.


  1. Not suitable for rat control
  2.  You can’t fold the glue  board

4. Victor Tin Cat mice Glue boards

Using a sticky glue mouse trap is an easy way to keep your home safe from these disease-bearing rats and mice. Victor Cat Mice Glue Board is well known for its long-lasting glue traps for crawling insects such as mice, roaches, crickets, and more. The trap has synthetic peanut butter pre-bait that attracts rodents easily. The bait is non-toxic and fully safe for dogs.


  1. The glue board is foldable
  2. Victor Cat glue traps provide a pre-bait system
  3. Easy to use and no additional setting is required
  4. You can place your trap indoor in any location


  1. It is not strong enough to keep big rats on the board.

5. Tysonir Glue: Best sticky traps for mice, rats, spiders, and ants

The Tysonir Glue Trap is an inexpensive sticky mouse trap comes with strong glue boards that can be used in all seasons. The glue board is thin and foldable. So you can place the trap in the kitchen, indoor office, garden areas, etc. it is also very easy to clean because you can humanely dispatch rats from glue pads without touching them. Its foldable structure makes it completely safe for your kids and pets. So if you are searching for sticky traps for mice, then I would suggest you to buy a Tysonir glue trap.


  1. Environment-friendly, non-toxic mouse glue trap
  2. These Glue Mice traps are easy to use, clean and separate.
  3. The trap is also effective on ants, cockroaches, spiders, and other small creatures
  4. Its hard cardboard can prevent being pulled away from pests.


  1. You need some baits to set up the glue board.

Safety Precautions you should follow before using a sticky rat trap

  1. Always use a glove so that you don’t get bitten while handling glue traps.
  2. Place the glue trap in a corner or along a wall.  Don’t set up the trap in the bedroom or close to the door.
  3. You should place the glue trap in dry and dust-free areas.
  4. Be careful while disposing of the rat. Spray vegetable oil on the rat and grab the mouse by its tail to separate it from the glue tray.

The regular glue trap doesn’t work well. So it is important to know what to look for in a sticky mouse trap. Our recommended sticky traps for mice will make your effort easier to eradicate rats from your living area. If you still have any questions, comment below.


Where can I buy mouse glue traps?

One of the most reliable sources to get a sticky trap is on amazon. Amazon and Walmart offer fast shipping with great customer service. Amazon is far better for its return policy. So if you are looking for sticky traps for mice, you can order them online. You can also find your traps in any hardware store.

How to clean a mousetrap glue from your clothes?

If you get caught up with glue, there are some simple techniques. You can apply vegetable oil to remove adhesive from the surface. The freezing method is also very effective in this case. So freeze your clothes in a refrigerator and it usually can be broken off the fabric.

Are sticky mouse traps poisonous to dogs?

No. sticky glue mouse trap is a pet-friendly poison-free solution that allows you to place it both indoors and outdoors. It is safe to use around your pets and dogs. But I suggest you follow my safety precaution as I mentioned above. Always try to use a victor electronic rat trap if you have dogs in your building.

Is it safe to use sticky glue rat traps?

As it doesn’t contain any rodenticide or poisonous chemical, it is completely safe and easy to use. But always wear a glove while placing the trap.

Do sticky mouse traps have poison?

No. Sticky rat traps are poison-free. The trap contains adhesive glue to twig the rats on the tray. But an electronic rat trap is safer than glue traps because you don’t need to follow any safety measures before placing it.

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