Mouse Trap VS Poison: Which One Is Safe Option In 2022?

Now you are confused about what to buy- a Mouse Trap or poison. House owners often brought this question up. If you use traps, you will need to dispose of the body manually. Again, rat poison can be dangerous for other wildlife. They often destroy our various important stuff such as clothes, paper, furniture, etc. Due to staying unhygienic, they carry and spread a lot of diseases. So mouse trap vs poison- what should you buy to stay safe from diseases-carrier rodents? It depends on your particular circumstance. Let’s check the answer.

Mouse Trap VS Poison

We all know, winter season is the perfect time for rats to increase their population. And the winter season is knocking at our door. So their overpopulation might bring danger to our life. During this time, all the pests and rodents trying to get a warm place. Most of the time, they make their camp in the kitchen. In search of getting food and water, they go to every corner of every room. They contaminate food and water. But in this season, if you remain careful from now, obviously you can be able to keep away them from your house.

Mouse Trap VS poison comparison table

Mouse Traps

For large rat infestation areas, mouse traps don’t work properly.
* You have to use dozens of rat traps to get the infestation under control.* Using rat poison is ideal to control the huge rat population.* Mousetraps are environment friendly. It won’t hurt other non-targeted animals.* Mouse poison is harmful to wildlife.* Electric traps and homemade mouse traps are safe for pets and kids.
* Glue trap and snap trap are not safe for pets.
* Avoid rat poison if you have pets and kids in your house.* Rodent control with rat traps is can be expensive.

* It costs around 50$-100$.* Eliminating mice with rodenticide is less expensive than traps.

* It costs around 30$-70$.

Each rat control method has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, you will know what is the difference between a rat trap and rat poison. I have mentioned some simple and effective tips for you based on research. Hopefully, it will help you choose the best option for you.

Rat Poison

Using poison to reduce the population of rats is an effective way. According to the news reports of America, the rat population becomes a major problem there. Thousands of research indicates that the residents of renowned cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are facing a great challenge against rats. In the United States, some active ingredients are registered as rat poison.

There are two types of rat poisons. Those poisons stop normal blood clotting, are named as an anticoagulant. Bromadiolone, chlorophacinone, Difethialone, brodifacoum, and warfarin are the name of some anticoagulants. But not all poisons are called anticoagulants. The second type of poisons is made with phosphide or cholecalciferol and zinc Bromethalin. These poisons have the power to kill a rat within some hours. However, both types of poisons ensure killing them permanently.

Disadvantages Of Using Rat Poisons 

Mouse Trap vs poison- which one is environment friendly? Though rat infestation brings plenty of problems to us, It plays a good role in the food chain. Considering their contribution to the ecosystems, we Can’t erase them permanently from our surroundings. Because birds of prey, like owls, hawks, and eagles, rely on mice and rats for their meals.

Snakes, foxes, wolves, wild cats, and other carnivores animals also rely on vermin. These animals are at risk when their primary food source could be poisoned. These wild animals would die after eating poisoned rats. That’s why using poison for rats is dangerous for animals in the wild. Not only can poisoned rats can harm other animals, but also it can be hazardous to humans.

Plus, thousands of families have pets in the U.S.A. If you live in a populated area, probably your pets or someone’s pets will get affected somehow by rat poison. Habitually, kids and pets are curious about anything. Kids, dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pets are interested to eat anything when they are hungry. If they find the rat bait station, they may eat. Then it will be a dangerous crisis because none will know what they have eaten.

A rat might spread these diseases if it is affected even after it’s death by eating poison. Because a dead rat contaminates the soil, river water, and wind.

● Mouse Traps

Rat are well-designed to catch rats suddenly. It is an inexpensive way to get rid of them. If you have adorable pets and small children, rat traps are a great alternative instead of using poisonous bait to eliminate the infestation. Rats are active between dusk and dawn. Find out their camp and place the trap in high activity areas of their camp. For trapping rats, you can use peanut butter, bacon, fruits, vegetables, cereals, or meats as bait. Keep their favorite food inside the trap then check their attraction it Some of the best Mouse traps are:

1. Plastic Snap Rat Traps

2. Live Rat Traps

3. Glue Board Rat Traps

4. Wooden Snap Rat Traps

5. Electric Rat Traps

Disadvantages of using mouse Traps

Well, getting rid of rats is not an easy task at all. It’s very tricky to trap them. Because they can quickly move from one corner to another. As well as they are clever also. Rats are very clever and it’s harder to solve the rat problem. Sometimes, Mouse traps cannot catch those clever rats. Now we will discuss the disadvantages of rat traps.

1. When the rodent’s population is huge, Rat trapping is time-consuming.

2. For Killing huge rat populations, rat trapping is expensive.

3. Some rat traps such as snap traps, glue traps can injure people, pets, children, or wildlife. Rat traps are designed to destroy the parts of the rat’s body or make it stop moving.

4. Sometimes rat traps are not in the right size to catch rats. Usually, people use a snap trap or glue trap to get rid of the problem. They don’t think their house has a rat or mice invasion. A rat can be larger than the house mouse. For this reason, many rat traps cannot trap the actual size rodent.

5. Mice are too light to trigger the trap.

6. Bait should be given according to rodent species. Because different rodents have different tastes. It’s very difficult to know what type of rats are living in the house. So right bait cannot be given in trap.

7. Rats are clever. When a trap appears they cleverly avoid it.

8. Rats move rapidly from one corner to another. So it’s hard to know their pathways.

9. They breed quickly. Rats breed every 21 days. That’s why rats cannot be fully eradicated from home. In that case, house owners should use a dozen rat traps. It takes more time and effort.

Mouse Trap or poison-What should you use? (Our recommendation)      

Compare these two products based on the above information so that you could not have to pay the professional pest control company. Rat traps are safe, environment-friendly solution to rodent control. But it doesn’t work properly in large infestation areas. Apply mouse poison when there is no wildlife around your property. surely within a week, you will be surprised at the results. So mouse trap vs poison who wins the race? Share your thought in the comment box.

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